Photography. Drawing with light

Photography. Drawing with light is an invitation to experiment with and try out the language of photography in a dynamic and itinerant curation, where the relationship between materials and the optics of the camera allows participants to familiarise with research, experimentation, and the study of real, imaginary, concrete and abstract subjects.


Photography. Drawing with light is offered to children over the age of six and adults, in indoor and outdoor spaces that constantly change. With its name as a starting point, the atelier valorises intuition and discovery, focussing our gaze on the details and the unexpected, casting light on photography language techniques and particularities, whilst seeking out a relation with otherness capable of going deeper than choices of frame and posture, to bring out their uniquenesses.


In order not to concentrate on the merely technical aspects of the camera, participants are invited to use their own smartphones. They have available to them translucent, reflecting and opaque materials, filters for shape, colour, texture and distortion. There are also fabrics, plastics and small theatre sets for curating in the moment – as well as torches and magnifying glasses. 


The gesture and act of framing is a way of declaring our interest in a subject, of questioning how we look at it and represent it, to ourselves and to others. Participants will be offered the opportunity, in groups or personally, of investigating and creating real or imagined, concrete or abstract subjects, of letting themselves be guided by the unexpected, and surprised by improvisation, in a dimension of journey and continuous discovery.



Reggio Emilia Approach

Il Reggio Emilia Approach® è una filosofia educativa fondata sull’immagine di un bambino con forti potenzialità di sviluppo e soggetto di diritti, che apprende attraverso i cento linguaggi appartenenti a tutti gli esseri umani e che cresce nella relazione con gli altri.

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