Greetings to the city

A diffused exhibition, in Reggio Emilia's streets and piazzas, of drawings taken from projects realised in centres and schools over the two pandemic years.

68 posters with drawings by children in Reggio Emilia's municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools transformed into an opportunity to send season's greetings to the city.


"Children, through the marks and drawings they realise, express their questions, and their inventive capacity for constructing meaning about the world."

"Through marks and signs children give shape to ideas."

From the exhibition "Somersaults of Thoughts"


The diffused exhibition is divided into:

  • 3 trails in 3 different city neighbourhoods (Viale Isonzo, Via Matteotti, and Via Verdi)
  • 1 poster nearby each one of the 33 municipal infant-toddler centres and preschools


This project is promoted by Reggio Emilia Municipality, Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres - Istituzione of Reggio Emilia Municipality, Reggio Children, Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi


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Discover more about the places and itineraries (work in progress)




Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia Approach® is an educational philosophy based on the image of a child with strong potentialities for development and a subject with rights, who learns through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings, and grows in relations with others.

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